Our trusted professionals & service providers

Justin O’Connell, Lawyer
#406, 501 18 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2S 0C7
Fax: 403-245-9017

Justin provides excellent, knowledgeable real estate legal services at a reasonable price.  We highly recommend his trusted legal opinion and specialized expertise to our clients.

Jones Geomatics Ltd. (Surveys, Real Property Reports)
#20, 1323-44th Ave. N.E.
Calgary, AB T2E 6L5
Ph: 403-230-0778
Fax: 403-230-0714
Email: jonesgeo@telus.net

Kevin Jones and the entire team at Jones Geomatics provide quick, efficent and professional service.  Whether you need a Real Property Report, Survey, or you're a land developer requiring advanced technical work (such as subdivision plans), we wouldn't hesitate to call their office.  We have personally used Kevin's company and were very happy with the quality and speed of the work. 

Real Property Report Bruchure

First Choice Inspections
Sam Asoian, Registered Home Inspector
Phone: 403-703-5355
Email: asoian@shaw.ca

First Choice Inspections is our "go-to" company for home inspections.  Sam is incredibly knowledgeable in building construction and technology.  His honest, thorough approach is always appreciated and we feel comfortable recommending his company to our clients time and time again.